Volume XLIX (2016), Issue 3

Приказ 11 : О обрезању [pdf]

Делатељ [pdf]

Евагрије Понтиjски

translated by: Lazar Nešić

pages: 445-500

On Mystae. Dancing and singing. [pdf]

Јelena Femić Kasapis

pages: 501-514

On monasticism of creators [pdf]

Romilo Knežević

pages: 515-528

Symbolism of The Eucharist [pdf]

Bishop Jovan Purić

pages: 529-546

Liturgy and doctrinal function of an icon and modern church reality [pdf]

Marina Tabaković

pages: 547-566

The Concept of History in Old Testament [pdf]

Zlatko Vujanović

pages: 567-578

Biblical God Creator and Creation: a Short Review on so called “Biblical Creationism” [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 579-608

Religious Education Curricula for Primary Schools in Modern Serbia [pdf]

Petar Rajčević

pages: 609-632

Religious education in Serbia: between traditionalism and secularism [pdf]

Radomir Marinković

pages: 633-644

What does form Оуреши mean in King Milutin’s burial shroud? [pdf]

Žarko B. Veljković

pages: 645-652

Activities of the Serbian bishops Seraphim (Jovanović) and Joseph (Cvijović) in the Sub-Carpathian Rus and Prjashevshchina (according to the materials from “Orthodox Carpatho- Russia” (1928–1931)) [pdf]

Yuriy Danilec

pages: 653-674

Indonesian vote against „Kosovo“ in Unesco: a high range success of the Third Serbia – Indonesia Bilateral Interfaith Dialogue (2015) [pdf]

Aleksandar Raković

pages: 675-684

Tројична слобода: да ли је Бог слободан у тројичном животу? [pdf]

Мировање, Кретање, Љубав: приступ сопству према Светом Августину [pdf]

Жан-Лик Марион

translated by: Vukoman Milenкović

pages: 701-722

Душа – дах божански [pdf]

Srećko Petrović

pages: 723-729

Paul M. Blowers, Maximus the Confessor: Jesus Christ and the Transfiguration of the World [pdf]

Родољуб Кубат, Траговима Писма II, Стари Савез: рецепција и контексти [pdf]

Slaviša Kostić

pages: 736-739