Jovan Timotijević

Serbian privileges and their influence on the arrangement and reform of the religious life in the Austro- Hungarian Empire between the Great Migrations of Serbs until the end of the reign of Joseph II (1690–1790)

pages: 301-320


The main focus of this work is on the position and the rights of Serbian people under Austro-Hungarian authority from 1690 until 1790 which were determined by documents issued by Austro-Hungarian emperors. The privileges which were granted by these documents gave Serbian people full authority over their church, as well as partial state authority. The rights that the Austro-Hungarian documents granted were slowly diminished until they were totally abolished. The most important two documents that defined these rights were Rescriptum Declaratorium and Systema Consistoriale published by Maria Theresa and Joseph II. These documents totally reformed Serbian Orthodox Church, and Metropolitanate of Karlovci. These reforms meant that the church was not free to make important decisions by itself without consulting the state first. I will base this work on the documents which substantially changed the position of Serbian people and Serbian Orthodox Church within the Austro-Hungarian empire.






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