Miroslav М. Popović

St. Bruno of Cologne and the Carthusian Order

pages: 291-300


In the 11th century there were several attempts to institutionalize the life of hermits, one of which is linked to Bruno of Cologne (about 1030–1101) and his Carthusian order. It was named after its main monastery in the Chartreuse in the alpine regions of eastern France. Carthusians have become small, stable religious order, sometimes with life- like hermitage, sometimes Benedictine. From the moment St. Bruno of Cologne founded the Carthusian Order, the Order is regarded as the strictest in the Roman Catholic Church, with the tradition of eremitical solitude, silence, abstinence and contemplative withdrawal from the world, which is very little changed even after the Second Vatican Council.




272-36:929 Бруно из Келна, свети

272-788:929 Бруно из Келна, свети


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