Volume XLIX (2016), Issue 2

Приказ о синовима завета [pdf]

О изабраним тешким местима Светог Писма: Тумачење Књиге о Рути [pdf]

Symbolism in the Sacrament of Baptism [pdf]

pages: 247-270

Contribution of St. Emperor Constantine the Great to the victory of Christianity and his relationship to the Church after the First Ecumenical Council [pdf]

Ivan Maletić

pages: 271-290

St. Bruno of Cologne and the Carthusian Order [pdf]

Miroslav М. Popović

pages: 291-300

Serbian privileges and their influence on the arrangement and reform of the religious life in the Austro- Hungarian Empire between the Great Migrations of Serbs until the end of the reign of Joseph II (1690–1790) [pdf]

Jovan Timotijević

pages: 301-320

The issue of the request for the autocephalous church in Montenegro [pdf]

Vladica S. Todorović

pages: 331-338

Family Law and Christian Aspect of Motherhood and Fatherhood in the Procedure of Biomedically Assisted Conception [pdf]

Aleksandra Malešević

pages: 339-362

Early Syrian Asceticism [pdf]

Sebastian P. Brock

translated by: Lazar Nešić, Varja Nešić

pages: 363-382

Take Thy Bond... and Write Fifty (Luke XVI. 6): The Nature of the Bond [pdf]

Оригеново учење о Евхаристији [pdf]

Jean Daniélou

translated by: Маја Милосављевић

pages: 389-393

У спомен на служитеља Господњег Радована [pdf]

Predrag Dragutinović, Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr and James Buchanan Wallace (прир.), The Holy Spirit and the Church according to the New Testament – Sixth International East-West Symposium of New Testament Scholars Belgrade, August 25 to 31, 2013 [pdf]

Сергеј Н. Булгаков, Трнов венац Достојевског [pdf]

Vladimir Kolarić

pages: 405-407

Ulrich Luz, Exegetische Aufsätze [pdf]

Predrag Dragutinović

pages: 408-410

Ernst Dassmann, Die eine Kirche in vielen Bildern. Zur Ekklesiologie der Kirchenväter [pdf]

Predrag Dragutinović

pages: 410-412

Н. Д. Успенский, Собрание трудовь I–III [pdf]

Никола Ерцег

pages: 412-415

Како је контрола државе утицала на литературу: Од пререволуционарне Француске до Немачке демократске републике [pdf]

Zoran Andrić

pages: 415-418

Markus Vinzent, Christ’s Resurrection in Early Christianity and the Making of the New Testament [pdf]

Zoran Andrić

pages: 418-419