Marko Boškov

The Founder’s Right of St. Sava of Monasteries in the Holy Land

pages: 113-136


The article is inspired by the magnificent life and human activities St. Sava. St. Sava was the founder and first superior of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the great educator of Serbian people, an accomplished lawyer and a liturgist. The aim of this article is an attempt to take out one of the many corners illuminate the St. Sava’s magnificent patrons activity. Save over monasteries to the Holy Land, where he was first Serbian palmer (and to remind ourselves of his charity). The impression is that under the pressure of contemporary events easy to forget its many activities and patronage which he did outside of their country, and the glory of Christ and his homeland. Also, it was not possible to bypass his magnificent life, both secular and spiritual. Directing his life according to the Gospel and always going the narrow path that leads to salvation (Matt. 7:15), St. Sava rejected „earthly kingdom“ and comfort of life that he could provide royal ancestry. However, Saint Sava is excessive in its wisdom knew that money can buy many things, and for that reason buying, building, donated, ktitorisao and left his Orthodox brethren on the use of many buildings, and for his family provided the mention of the church services in order to eternal and heavenly pleasant life.




271.222(497.11)-726.1-36:929 Сава, свети (02.053.2)

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