Blagoje Pantelić

Why did Miroslav Marković have to leave? Miroslav S. Marković’s messages from Venezuela to prof. Miloš N. Đurić (1955)

pages: 49-84


In the legacy of prof. Miloš N. Đurić, the author found a letter from Caracas and a postcard from Merida, written by his student, the internationally acclaimed classical philologist Miroslav S. Marković, which are crucial for the understanding why during the 50’s he decided to leave Yugoslavia and move to Venezuela. In a letter to his teacher, friend and patron, Marković explains shortly the reasons why he decided to leave his homeland, and which have mainly to do with the lack of possibilities to pursue his scientific and research projects in Yugoslavia. In the postcard he discretely hints that the decision to leave for Venezuela was the right one. The letter and the postcard are first-class-sources not only for Marković’s intelectual biography, but for the history of the academic life in Yugoslavia of the time. To make the content of the correspondence more clear, the author lists in his introduction the most important moments from the life of Marković, especially his early years, and then concentrates on the critique of his work in the early 50’s. In the end the author presents an important testimony why Marković decided to go to Venezuela of all places. In the second part the author presents texts and pictures of the letter from Caracas and postcard from Merida.




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