Petar V. Šerović

A Brief Glance at Some Aspects of the Sumerian Civilization (Origins, Chronology, Religion, Mythology and Epics)

pages: 85-112


The first truly urban human culture appeared in Southwest Asia within the region of Mesopotamia, i.e. in Sumer. Although the Sumerians as an ethnic group disappeared from the historical scene just about the beginning of the second millennium BC, their civilization continued its life and development through people who had adopted it as their own – the Semitic Acadians and Amorites, followed by other inhabitants of Mesopotamia and the Middle East. By its transmission through a singular symbiosis of Judeo- Christian and Hellenic thought which had found its most authentic expression within the Christian culture of the Romioi (Byzantines) on one side, and the original traditions of Judaism and Islam on the other, the Sumerian civilization is embedded into the very foundations of the contemporary world civilization.





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