Dalibor Petrović

The Relation of Russian Spiritual and Secular Authorities to the Patriarch of Peć Gavrilo Rajić

pages: 69-84


Patriarch Gavrilo left distinct impression on Russian secular and ecclesiastic dignitaries. On the basis of that positive impression, he managed to improve the position of the Serbian church before the Russian authorities in general. The fact that he was personally respected by Russian authorities probably led to a wrong impression about the results of his stay in Russia. Russians did respect him, but not more than they respected other patriarchs of that time. However, his decision to leave Russia, although he previously stated that he wants to settle there permanently, tells us that he could not fit into the Russian way of life. Specificity of relations among the Russian classes of that time was often an insurmountable obstacle for many immigrants in Russia. Apparently, he was not an exception.




271.222(497.11)-732.2-36:929 Гаврило I, српски патријарх

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