Blagoje Pantelić

Incarnation of God the Word – Theogony, Cosmogony, Redemption (Sakharov vs. Bulgakov)

pages: 115-132


The work deals with the criticism of Sergei Bulgakov’s view that the incarnation of God the Word would occur if there was no primordial sin, as stated by Sophrony Sakharov. The origin of Bulgakov’s teaching is examined first, as Sakharov was not of the opinion that it is in accordance with scriptural and biblical tradition, and then five remarks by Sakharov, which are followed by detailed research of the very Christological stance of Bulgakov. And finally, the author considers doctrinal implications of the stance that the fall is the cause of incarnation.




271.2-31 Булгаков С.

271.2-31 Старац Софроније

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