Gligorije Marković

The Cosmic Search for the Fugitive of Order

pages: 91-107


The XX century is without doubt a century of physic, especially particle physic. In the aftermath of World War II, science was seen as a potential olive branch. The European Organization for Nuclear Research – CERN is formally created on September 1954, with a mission to conduct experiments that push the limits of physics. These days not only scientists from all around the world, but ordinary people are waiting the results from CERN laboratories and LHC. One cornerstone is still missing in order to explain Standard Model and to answer a question how elementary particles get their mass. Scientists think that the Higgs mechanism could provide the answer to that question. The manifestation of that mechanism is something called the Higgs Boson – a particle that is thought to exist but hasn’t been found in experiments yet, and the goal of CERN activities is to find the Higgs Boson. If that happens, science will conclude the theory of the Standard Model. The claim of basic science is also “naked” science, i.e. science without metaphysical rooths. Long before cutting off metaphysical, natural science cut off her Christian roots. Scholasticism and metaphysical religion in the West prepared conditions for the birth of modern science and actual confrontation between knowledge and belief. Orthodox Christianity didn’t take active part in such confrontations, but today, Orthodoxy is faced with all results of that confrontation.







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