Čedomir Rebić

Saints and Holiness in the Secular Poetry

pages: 47-54


This essey reveals the participation of saints in the life of Serbs, their martyrdoms and passions by which they strengthened the Christian faith and made a strong connection between the Church and the people. The lives of men and women pleasing unto God who dedicated their lives to the truth of the Gospel are potrayed here, the ones that spiritual tradition of Serbian nation kept true since time immemorial.

Themes and motifs of holiness and virtous life created poetical concretisations that inspire our thoughts from things percievable by senses towards the exalted and beautiful; the ones that lead to religious zeal. Christ’s presence in this world, His death and martyrdom by cross, victory over death, sin and devil, and other mysteries of evangelical truth, leads to the source of poetical themes and motifs of Serbian poets. Those themes and motifs reflect the spiritual depth of poetry and the spiritual movement of the poet.






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