Louis Bouyer

Liturgy and Architecture

translated by: Андреј Сушић, протопрезвитер-ставрофор Владимир Вукашиновић

pages: 47-89


In this article author traced the changes in Christian church architecture from the earliest church buildings. In his century- by-century account we see how the priest became more and more the center of a show while the laity faded into the background. Bouyer warned that the priest going ‘behind’ the altar to face the people so they could ‘see what was going on up there’ was only another step in the same clerical distancing.

This article is composed of six short chapters, which take stock of the essential facts of the last twenty centuries of tradition, in the East as well as the West, and considers all the questions posed by the revival of the Christian faith.

Liturgical architecture, according to Bouyer, only finds its path when it becomes aware of the ‘knowledge of God’ which it must ‘incarnate’, and when it gives in to ‘joyous obedience’: ‘a communion with the most holy presence of the living God amongst us’.






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