Miroslav P. Popović

Between Inter–Confessionalism and Fullness: Orthodoxy and Ecumenical Dialogue

pages: 17-28


In the teaching of protestant denominations, concerning the possibility of establishing confessional fullness on the levels of dogmas and tradition, the entire complexity of understanding of inter- confessionalism with all its particular weaknesses (from the Orthodox point of view at least) is summarized by reduction on “common denominator”. This article, while dealing with crucial segments of ontological- dialectical issues searching for “long lost” unity, could, somewhat, approach the content which should be entitled “The Crossroads of Ecumenical Dialogue”. That would be an enormous and a detailed subject, ungrateful for time and space ahead of us, so we will restrict to semantic- theological partitioning of concepts and terms and their sense and meaning, to a certain section through reflections in order to discover various layers of senses and meanings.





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