Gordon S. Mikoski

Baptism, Trinity, and Ecclesial Pedagogy in the Thought of Gregory of Nyssa

translated by: Бојан Теодосијевић

pages: 153-160


This paper elucidates the connections in Gregory of Nyssa’s thought between the rite of baptism, the doctrine of God as Trinity, and practices of ecclesial pedagogy. These components formed a dynamic and differentiated whole for Gregory. To consider one element in isolation from the others runs the risk of interpretive distortion of Gregory’s work. This means that the current tendency to harvest Gregory’s trinitarian ideas abstracted or disembodied from the rite of baptism and practices of ecclesial pedagogy perpetuates the false notion that the doctrine of the Trinity can be adequately treated apart from liturgical and pedagogical concerns.




27-1 Григорије Ниски, свети

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