Volume XLII (2009), Issue 1-3

The Catechetical Oration of Gregory of Nyssa [pdf]

Gregorius Nyssenus

translated by: Aleksandar Đakovac

pages: 3-15

Between Inter–Confessionalism and Fullness: Orthodoxy and Ecumenical Dialogue [pdf]

Miroslav P. Popović

pages: 17-28

Illness and Health in Orthodox Tradition [pdf]

Aleksandar Đakovac

pages: 29-34

Sacral Heritage of the Southern Banat [pdf]

Dimitrije Marinković

pages: 35-45

Liturgy and Architecture [pdf]

The Hagia Sophia Churches [pdf]

The Place of Theosis in Orthodox Theology [pdf]

Andrew Louth

translated by: Н. Н

pages: 95-107

Debate on the Existence of God [pdf]

The Sacrament of Pentecost [pdf]

St. Paul – Pastor of the Churches [pdf]

The Fathers of the Church and the Old Testament [pdf]

Baptism, Trinity, and Ecclesial Pedagogy in the Thought of Gregory of Nyssa [pdf]

Teaching of St. Gregory the Theologian on the Holy Trinity [pdf]

Origen and the Stoic View of Time [pdf]

St Maximus the Confessor: Introductory Remarks [pdf]

Some Notes on the Septuagint [pdf]

Emanuel Tov

translated by: Marijana Petrović, Srećko Petrović

pages: 225-232

Јарослав Пеликан: Хришћанско предање: историја развоја догмата. Том 1, Појава католичанског предања (од 100. до 600. године после Христа) [pdf]

Slaviša Kostić

pages: 233-234

Микеле Арамини: Увод у биоетику [pdf]

Slaviša Kostić

pages: 235-236