Vicar Bishop of Dioclea Jovan (Purić)

The Theological Basis of St. John Chrysostom’s Grace Pedagogy

pages: 39-55


In his exegesis, St. John Chrysostom synthesised the elements of Alexandrian and Antiochian schools of interpretiation and avoided the exclusivities of his Antiochian teachers and predecessors. In his own theology, triadology is the scope of apophatic theology, and economy – of cataphatic i.e. pedagogical theology. In his Christology, St. John Chrysostom continues with the Christology of Cappadocian Fathers. He expresses the triadology and triadological terminology of Cappadocian theology using the terms of pedagogical discourses, in the pedagogical key. He refers to the fundamental significance of Incarnation for Christian pedagogy, in all of her aspects and dimensions. The Incarnation of Logos is the foundation, the heart and the fulfillment of God’s pedagogy of salvation.




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