Miroslav Popović

Monastic orders and spirituality in the West in the 12th and 13th centuries

pages: 133-163


Friars challenged heresies offering ortodox alternative to the poverty and preaching of the cathars and waldensians. They attracted the larger part of the apostolic movemant. The friars governed church life of the 13.th century and helped to postpone division in the Western Church for 150 years.

Mendicant orders were one of the most important elements within the Western Church. Their most significant achievemant during the 13. th century was defence of spiritual and intellectual supremacy of the Church from attacks of heresy and new knowledge. The friars had the leading role in adjustment of the church teachings to the new knowledge. Their basic task in the fight against heresies was the leadership of the Inquisition. Their missions in far-away countries were the most impressive. They made a large, well-organized army under the immediate command of Pope.





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