Đorđe Perić

St. Anastasia — mother of St. Sava

pages: 185-231


Here we have a monography on the Great Duchess Anna Nemanich based on available historical sources.

The author deals first with her origin: she comes from a Bosnian aristocratic family. After her marriage with Stephen Nemanya, ruler of Serbia, she took part in building of the Monastery of our Lady at Toplica.

The author describes her influence on her children, especially on the youngest one, Prince Rastko, before his flight to Mount Atlos, where he became a monk with the name of Savvas.

In the last chapter we have the story of Anna’s tonsure in the old age, when she became a nun with the name of Anastasia. Later on her cult grew widely in the Serbian nation, so that the Serbian Orthodox Church canonized her with the feast on the 21 st of July.





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