Miliya Djuricich

Consequences of the persecutions of the Serbian Church by Moslem Albaniens in Kossovo area from 1690 to 1912

pages: 27-44


The Serbians of Kossovo and Metohia, after their open participation in the war against the Turks on the side of Christian Austria, had to leave (under* the Patriarch Arsenius III Charnoyevich, 1690) their country and to seek refuge in Austrian Hungary. Especially, after the Second Migration (under the Patriarch Arsenius IV Shakabenta, 1718) numerically the Serbian population has been decreasing. The Muslem Albanians have exploited this situation in order to plunder the Semian Orthodox monasteries and churches, even to kill, playing the role of Turkish squads.

The present day tacit GENOCIDE, which is still going on against the Serbian autochtonous population of Kossovo, according the author's argumented study, has its deep roots in the lawless time of the Ottoman Muslem occupation.





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