The hermit of Ochrid

pages: 1-25


The main result of this deep study is the Author's separation between Mysticism as such and Religious Poetry. A great mystic is rather anti-culture oriented; he does not feel congenial with Art, because no Art is fit to reproduce his extatic experience with God.

The Author argues that Bishop Nickolay, eventhough a true Ascetic, has not been a Mystic, but a Religions1 Poet. His book entitled „The Prayers on the Lake" proves it.

Influence of Vedantic pantheism has been felt only on the level of Bishop's poetry. Otherwise, biblicaly rooted, Nickolay Velimirovich was an inspired preacher and apologete of the Church, close to allegorical symbolism of our great Mystics.

With a stature of a Prophet, Bishop Nickolay had a startling message not only for Serbia, but to the whole of Orthodoxy, and even wider.





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