Panagiotes Drakopoulos

Idol of a trinitarian God

translated by: Hieromonk Irinej /Bulović/

pages: 97-100


According to the author, Hegel is not merely an important figure, he is even the central person in the drama of Western philosophy. In him the systematic philosophy has reached its final and alluring shape. Ever since, he is a state of mind. Unsurpassed by no one in Europe. The „Messiah“ of the Western mind, Hegel promised to every thinker to become „like God”.

Hegel’s forerunner is Eckhart, who used to interpret in his own way the mystical works of St. Dionysius the Areopagite. Having, at his disposal, only a Latin translation of these works, he has distorted the orthodox teaching of this famous writer, and by that he supplied Hegel with his philosophical „triadology”, with anidol of his trinitarian Absolute.





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