Hieromonk Atanasije Jevtić

II Ecumenical Council

pages: 81-96


Expounding, in the beginning, the sitaution of the Church in the 4th C., which occurred after the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea in 325, the author depicts the comlexity of the ecclesiastical and theological predicament in the East. He extols the merits of the genuine Nicene Fathers such as St. Athanasius the Great, but he also shows mistakes and errors of some alledged suppors of Nicaea, such as Marcel of Ancyra and some of his admirers in the West.

Further on, the author evaluates in great details ecclesial and theological undertakings and merits of the great Cappadocian f athers led by St. Basilius the Great, which greatly contributed to the convocation and fruitful outcome of the Second Ecumenical Coucil in Constantinople in 381.

Finally, an analysis is given of the process how the Nicene Creed was completed.





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