Dr Olga Srdanović–Barać

Archimandrite Stephan Yovanovich of Tronosha (1759—1799)

pages: 237-250


Archimandrite Stephan Yovanovich, as the abbot of Tronosha monastery played a prominent role during the insurrection against the Turks led by the famoust and ill-fated Kocha (i.e. Constantine). He invited all the Serbians under Turkish occupation to fight on the side of ' ustrians. But the expected liberation from the Turks failed.

The courageous archimandrite wrote a petition for the Treaty of Svishtof, demanding from the Christian Allies to assure large autonomy of Serbia, which remained under Turkish rule.

By his living example and large correspodence the archimandrite Stephan is a towering Serbian leader at the end of the 18th Century who paved the way to the successful Insurrection of Karageorge and of Prince Miilosh.





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