Predrag Puzović

St. Sava of Serbia and the sources of his saintliness

pages: 229-236


The youngest son of Stephan Nemania, Rastko, became a monk with the name of Sava (Sabbas).

The author envisages three main sources of Sava's sanctification: first, in the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom he discovered trough the Gospel; second on the Mo- unth Athos, where he found the practice of evangelic virtues, and third, in his dedication to the Holy Church and to his neighbours in his native Serbia.

Saint Sava transplanted the genuine apostolic tradition and the highest Chistian culture from Byzantium to the newly formed Kingdom of Serbia. By obtaining the autocephalous rank for his local Church, St. Sava elevanted the Serbian nation to the responsible adult age of its spiritual life.





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