Lyubica Raykovich-Petroniyevich

The mediaeval Serbian music

pages: 244-248


Everything in the Slavonic culture (music included) starts with the mission of Sts. Cyril and Methodius. In Serbia, particularly, since the time of Stephan Nemanya, many liturgical manuscripts have been preserved but without musical notation.

From the Biographies of Kings and Archbishops of Serbia it is known that for the sake of acoustics ceramical pots were built into church walls.

From the 14th C. we have one manuscript with musical notation, whose composer is a monk Joakim, who had the title »domesticus of Serbia«.

From the 15th C. we have a »Psaltikion«, in which are two compositions written by Stephan the Serbian.

Six musical manuscripts have been preserved in the Monastery Iberon on Mt. Athos and of St. Cathrine on Sinai.

According to what we know, the authors of the Church songs were not only composers but the ideologists too. Their exceptional musical culture as well as the linguistic acumen have permanent value.





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