Protopresbyter Božidar Mijač

The Church and the nation

pages: 211-225


The article deals with the role of the Church among nations. The existence of nations with their specific attitudes (race, language, culture, geographic situation, etc.) is written in the plan of the creative will of God with the ultimate goal of universal harmony among all the nations.

The Church is something different from the nation: she constitutes a supernational People of God which gathers together in Christ the believers from all the nations. She is a charismatic community, which, among other things, is characterized by a saintly way of life of her members. The Church's concern towards all nations is a missionary one, aiming at the redemption of all Mankind.

The otherwordly character of the Church does not mean her isolation from the people, but, on the contrary, more intensified activity among the people, trying to improve it, to transfigure it and to sanctify it. The mission of the Church cannot be limited to the cult and ceremonies, but she should extend her sanctifying influence upon the entire nation's life.

The Orthodox Church working in the Serbian nation has succeeded to become a foundation of nation's life and historical being. By doing this she has become a deep-rooted reality of Christ among the Serbians.

The »incarnation« of the Church in one particular nation does not hinder her essential goal of eschatological unity of all nations upon the Earth.





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