Hieromonk Dr Atanasije Jevtić

Origen and Greek philosophy

pages: 162-184


The author gives a short biography of this great Alexandrian theologian and Christian philosopher on the basis of Eusebius’s Church History, Sts. Gregory of Neocaesarea, Jerome, Epiphanius and other writers of that epoch, as well as on the basis of the works of Origen himself.

The author pays a special attention to Origen’s erudition both in biblical science and in Greek philosophy. Origen was a disciple of the Alexandrian philosopher Amonius Saccas (A. D. 175—242), the last representative of the Middle Platonism and the founder of the Neoplatonism.

Finally the author describes the conflict between Origen and his bishop of Alexandria; because of that he left for Caesarea in Palestine, where he spent the rest of his life. He died in Tyre in 254.

This study will be continued and will deal with Origen’s relation towards Greek philosophy and the further destiny of Origenism.





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