St. Gregory Palamas

Confession of the Orthodox faith

translated by: J. Atanasije

pages: 157-161


This is a Confession of faith of our holy Father Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Salonica (1296—1359), which he addresses to »the very pious among the monks Fr. Dionysius« (written probably in Summer 1344). This Confession was accepted and confirmed by the great council held in Constantinople in 1351.

By this official approval the Church recognized her own faith in the wording of this Confession: the uncreated character of the grace, which is common to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, as well as the uncreated character of the light, which Christ revealed to the three Apostles on the Mount Tabor. Here it was formulated the age-long mystical experience of the Church against the heretical doctrine of Barlaam of Calabria and Akyndinos.

The original text of this Confession is published in the second volume (pp. 494—488) of the Collected works of St. Gregory Palamas, ed. by Prof. P. Christou (Salonica 1966).





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