Prince Sergye N. Trubeckoy

The faith into immortality

translated by: Dr. Dimitru Staniloae

pages: 117-130


This article is the last work of the Prince Sergye Trubeckoy, it is — to quote Bulgakoff — his »philosophical swan song«, and was printed after the death of the author in his Collected Works, Vol. II, Moscow 1906.

As an expert in the heritage of the European and Greek philosophy, Prince Trubeckoy examined the essential threads of philosophy and broadened his scientific horizons towards the older Eastern philosophy.

As in many other problems he studied, so also while examing the subject of immortality, i. e. the faith into immortality, the author starts from the very beginnings which precede the philosophy in the modern sence of the word. In the first part of his work, which is not published here, the author presents the doctrine on immortality in various religions and mythologies before the Greek philosophy, in order to devote his special attention — and this is encompassed in this article — on Plato's understanding of the personal immortality. Plato reached the question of immortality as a poet, in dialogues, but as philosopher he did not manage to have this outreach by abstract proofs. According to the author, by Plato not the abstract idea is immortal but the spiritbearing person.

Comming from this point of view, the author, independently from the Revelation, but by his purely philosophical way, reaches the conclusion that the Christ's Resurrection is the most basic pledge of the personal immortality, which means no passing away and the eternal life of the person.





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