Dr. Dimitry Staniloae

The central position of Christ before and after His incarnation in the Orthodox theology

translated by: Vojislav Utvić

pages: 107-116


Christ as the Logos before His incarnation was present in each thing in the whole cosmos as One who gives to everything finality, structure and meaning.

Therefore, all things were words of God addressed to man's reason. Thus even before the incarnation wize men could enter into the dialogue with the Logos. However, the majority of mankind could not enter into such a dialogue with the Logos, but believed that the cosmos was eternal and without Creator.

In order to save man from the meaningless chains of such an impersonal way of thinking, the Logos has come into His own creation and became fully man. He became the Hypostasis of the whole human nature and the ontological bearer of his own image, according to which man was created.

Christ as God incarnate is in a better position to enter into the dialogue with man since He himself became Man.

The Divine Reason and Human Reason became united in Christ harmoniously. Thus the reason for the function of the spiritualization of man. Only the spiritualized reason of man has reached the harmony with the Divine Reason.

Christ's »two reasons« (Divine and Human) have the power of liberating from passions as well as the power to lead into the unity of all.

Christ has reached the peak of self-denial, which is the peak of the victory of passions through His sacrifice on the Cross. By this He has given us the example how to became victorious over own irrational passions.

The article has been translated from the »Orthodoxie heute«, No. 60-61/1977.





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