Dr Dimitrije M. Kalezić

The notion of God in the poetry of Negosh

pages: 217-231


The deepest notinon in Negosh's metaphysics is that of God. God is the beginning of everything created. He upholds everything — God is Creator, Maintainor and Judge of the World. Negosh’s teaching about God is a philosophy in the form of poetry. The main attributes of God Negosh has acquired through meditation and not through a mere acceptance of revelation. For him God is a living personal being present everywhere, and not a cold abstract metaphysical principle. He acts in His created world, which He moves by the Word. He colthes His »beloved Logos iin the human flesh«, Who suffers for men and rises from the dead.

God is present in the world, but the world cannot encompass Hin. In this world one can see only the reflection of His glory. Translated into apophatic terms, Negosh had a globally Orthodox conception of God: God is present in the world through His uncreated energies, which men can experience, but dn His essence God is absolutely transcending everything created and all metaphysical principles, because He is the uncreated source of everything. Therefore, God is comprehensible to us through His energies, but at the same Time, He is absolutely incomprehensible in His essence. That means that Negosh was not contradictory or inconsequent in His conception of God, but traditionally a good apophatical theologian. He even stressed the idea that essence and energies of God are organically united in the Godhead, since there cannot be any duality of God.

Otherwise, this problem of God in NegoslTs poetry is unsufficiently treated in the rich literature about this great Serbian poet and bishop.





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