Archpriest Sergius Bulgakov

Church and culture

translated by: Dimitrije M. Kalezić

pages: 197-204


In this article the author, treats the problem of the ecclesiastical and secular culture. He notices the good and bad sides of the former as well as of the latter. He thinks that synthesis of the two would be for the improvement of both. This very important point the author develops in the framework of the biblical parable on the Prodigal Son, in which he finds that the good elder son, who is always with the father, represents the ecclesiastical culture and the younger prodigal son, who left the father, symbolizes the secular culture, which started at the time of the mediaeval Humanism and Renaissance. Its desirable return to the Church would mean the Christianization of the secular culture, as well as the reinvingorating the Church's culture with new impulses.





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