Zhivoin I. Savich

Sources and motives of A. B. Shimich's poetry

pages: 161-178


The author concentrates his research on the three motives of the Croatian poet Anton Branko Shimich (1898—1927): motives of death, loneliness and rebellion. He emphasizes the similarity of Shimich's existentialist meditative poetry with his contemporary Serbian poet Momchilo Nastasiyevich.

The sources of Shimich's poetry are twofold: Christian and Platonical. The death is overcome by Resurrection (so far the poet is Christian), but the opposition between the soul and body is purely platonical. The heritage of Christian motives in Shimich's poetry comes from the education that the poet received in a Franciscan high-school and from his ecclesiastic acquaintances in Zagreb where he lived. The Platonic inspiration for his poetry he got through his classical education in gymnasium.





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