Alexander Solzenitsin

Repentance and self-limitation

translated by: Hieromonk Amfilohije (Radović)

pages: 82-92


In this very interesting article, somewhat abbreviated in the Serbian translation, A. Solzenitsin tries to apply the Christian principles of spiritual and moral life to the general social and national life of people and nations. He does it, first of all, with the repentance and self-limitation as basic and always needed — especially today — categories both of personal and general socio-moral life and behaviour. For, without repentance and self-limitation an individual person and the whole nation and society, further on all Mankind, lose human qualities and become beastlike. The author illustrates this with some examples not only from a far past but also from our days reality.

The basic thought and message for the contemporary man expressed in Solzenitsin’s essay is contained in the Russian proverb: God is not in power, but in justice.





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