Kallistos Ware

Scholasticism and Orthodoxy: theological method as a factor in the schism

pages: 196-207


The author states the fact that there are two theological methods: the old, or patristic; and the new, or scholastic. In the first, theology is studied and experienced in the monastic environment, and in the second, it is mainly studied in non-monastic schools. Thus came into existence a divergence between monastic and scholastic (later university) theology. That began in the eleventh century and continued from that point on. Although this happened in the West, it is not an exclusively western phenomenon. The author cites references to the remaining trend of patristic theology in the West and the influence of scholastic theology in the East. He supports his insight with concrete data resulting from his intimate knowledge of the cultural climate and the historical circumstances he is examining.

We advise our English. speaking readers that this article was published in English in the Eastern Churches Review, Vol. V, No. 1, Spring, 1973, ipp. 16—21.





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