Paul N. Evdokimov

The »foolish« love of God and the mystery of His silence

translated by: Jelisaveta Vujković

pages: 188-195


The author deals with the problem of contemporary atheism, existentialism and scientific view of the world, in which God is invisaged, after Freud as a »tormenting« Father. The Christian of the Holy Trinity, on the contrary, emphasizes the sacrificial character of the divine Paternity, which does not impose itself by force, but is the source of freedom.

Evdokimov believes that the modern atheism has a purifying impact on the lukewarm Christiandom of today. He is much optimistic when he quotes the Soviet poet Osip Mendelstam who said: »Today every cultivated man is Christian«. A modern expert in science has a respect for the theologian's competence in the realm of religion, as the theologian has a respect for the scientist's competence in his own domain. Henceforth, there should not be a collision between science and religion.

The Church of our time offers to the spiritually hungry not the stone of ideological systems, but the »bread of angels«.





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