A. Kniazev

The Prophets (part II)

pages: 173-187


Having explained in Part I the concept, the essence, and the character of the prophetic ministry (see Teoloski Pogledi, No. 2, 1973, pp. 83—106), the author of this study, Archpriest A. Kniazev, undertakes to analyze the relationship of the prophets toward divine leadership as it is expressed in the priestly history (chpt. 5). The autohor here emphasizes that Yahweh was the King of Israel. Thus the Israelite's demand for their own king constituted a rebellion against Yahweh and His rule over Israel. This was the understanding of the prophets .as they opposed the wish of Israel to become »like the other peoples«. The prophets are the guardians of the chosen people of God and witnesses to God's judgements over the People. Also the prophets are the witnesses to the fact that in the Old Testament is not only given the history of God's people, but also history of the Revelation which had been given to that People. There exists a constant link between that Revelation and the history of the People of God—Israel. There also exists a clear relationship between the prophetic ministry and that phenomena tof Revelation in the historical events of the life of Israel.

In the sixth chapter of this study the prophets and their activity are presented in light of the Pentateuch. First Moses is discussed as an example of the prophetic ministry, followed by the Pentateuch testimony concerning the Old Testament theocracy and Moses as the first prophet and guardian of this theocracy. Moses' activity is particularly significant in that it falls in the period of great crises in Israel, crises which appeared as God's judgement on the Israelites. This is the time of Israel's exodus from Egypt and its call to be the people of God.

Concluding this part of his study (chpt. 6), the author speaks about the significance of the testimony of the Book of Exodus (chpts. 1—15), for clarifying the biblical doctrine on the propfetic ministro This is follewed by some general conclusions and an introduction to a discussion on the connection between the Book of Exodus's teaching on the prophetic ministry and the ministry of other prophets and the crises of their time. This discussion is to be continued in subsequent parts of this study.





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