Hieromonk Dr Atanasije Jevtić

Orthodox faith and life

pages: 131-145


Starting from the basic mystery of the Christian faith — from Christ, who is simultaneously God and Man (Theanthropos), the author emphasizes in the first part of this article the right, i.e. Orthodox context iof the true Christology as it is understood and experienced in the life of the Orthodox Church: Christ as »One of the Holy Tninity«, hence inseparable from the Father and the Holy Spirit, as well as Christ with His Church, again inseparable from His Body, from men.

This basic Catholic, all-embracing mystery of the Orthodox faith, includes all fundamental Christian dogmas (Trinitarian, Christological, Pneumatological, Ecclesiological, Anthropological, Soteriological), which in Orthodoxy constitute the very ground and substance of the Church's being and life. For that reason the author further stresses the importance of the right faith (of the Orthodoxy) for the ethical life of the Orthodox Christians. No doubt, as far as the faith and life in Orthodox experience are concerned, dogmas and moral life are inseparable and identical with the » mystery of Christ«, which is the Church.

In the central part of the article the author underlines in the first place the Trinitarian, then Christological and at last Pneumatological character both of the Orthodox faith and of the Orthodox spiritual life (ethos).

In the third final part of his article the author deals with the Orthodox liturgical life (especially the Holy Eucharist) and with the Orthodox asceticism as an incarnate manifestation of the all afore-mentioned truths.





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