Simon L. Frank

»Treasury in the heavens«

pages: 123-130


The author speaks about the material world accessible to our senses, and about the life in it, as about something which is not the total reality. Above this world there is a world of the superior and beginningless reality, which cannot be reached by the perception of our senses, but only through intuition of faith in our heart. Man lives in both of these realites. All religions and some philosophies, each in its own manner, have developped and stressed this vision, but this twofold reality (created and uncreated) has been most perfectly revealed by the Incarnate Word of God in His spreading of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Although evil and tragedy of death are still at work in this world, God-Man Jesus has won the victory over them, offering salvation on a higher level of existence with the perspective of the general resurrection. However, the old and the new creation still fight against each other: for unbeliever the believer is an abnormal being (St. Jerofne said: dnvicem insanire videmur).

The paradoxical tension between belief and unbelief has been most intensely lived by Christianity which offered its solution by offering to men the possibility to overcome this limited world and to find the priceless treasury in the Heavens — everlasting life with God.

A believer can foretaste the bliss of the heavenly life already now on Earth as a member of the Christ's Church. He already possesses the essence of the peace.





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