Archpriest Basilios Sakkas

Do we have the same God as non-Christians

pages: 60-62


At the first sight it looks as if the three main monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Mohammedanism) have the same belief in One God. However, this assumption is quite superficial. It is clearly spelled out in the New Testament: »ho denies the Son is without the Father« (1 John 2,23), whereas for the Jews and Mohammedans God is Father only according to the plan of creation. For Christians God's Fatherhood is independent of the creation of the world, since the creation is a contigent act of the Divine Will, whereas the Fatherhood of God is an inherent personal characterics since the generation of the Son is a pre-eternal reality in the Godhead. Even the monotheism of Abraham was Trinitarian. Only in Christ Abraham bacame the father of many nations (Gen. 17,5; Rom. 4,17).

The main emphasis in our understanding of God is that God has become man, that »our hands touched Him« (1 John 1,1). If we should admit that the Jews and Mohammedans have knowledge of the true God, outside of Christ, then the Son of God would have become Man in vain. His death and resurrection would have been superfluous.

We Orthodox Christians cling to the saying of St. Cyprian of Carthage: „To whom the Church is not a Mother, he has neither God for Father«.





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