John Zizioulas

Eucharist vision of the world

pages: 37-45


The author of this article is a young Greek Orthodox theologian, who gives here an Orthodox viewpoint concerning the problems of contemporary men, however not on the basis of some theoretical statements or doctrines, but from the very heart of the Orthodox Church: from her cult and Liturgy. The Orthodox Church, her life, her faith, her structure and her theology, appears to the author mainly as the Holy Eucharist, which in itself incarnates the Orthodox vision and experience of God, man and the world. In the Holy Eucharist the mystery of the Incarnate God and our communion with Him is actually and factually expressed and contained.

The author states very sternly the tragic situation of the contemporary Western man, for which he declares guilty the Western theology. Poiinting out the dangers for the Orthodox coming from immitating the West and its theology, the focused the Orthodox vision of the world and the contemporary man upon the Orthodox Liturgy, celebrated in the Church by the Bishop and the people of God.

Only by proceeding from her Eucharistic event and experience of God and man, the Orthodox Church will be able to meet the contemporary man and offer salvific solutions to his basic and vital problems.





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