Hieromonk Iriney (Bulovich)

Hellenism and Orthodoxy

pages: 263-270


Commenting the paper of the young Greek theologian Ghresitos Yannaras on the future »Great Councik of .the Orthodox Church, the author recognizes that Yannaras has a right understandig of the Orthodox ecclesiology, as opposed to the Western »theory of branches«. Fr. Iriney, however, criticizes or, more exactly, confines the notion of »Hellenism«, which in itself represents for Yannaras the inherent feature of the Orthodox catholicity. In author's opinion, Hellenism of the Orthodox Church is conditioned by the classical Patristic way of thinking, elaborated by the Holy Fathers, who happened to be Greeks, — and not the other way round.

The author thinks that the scholar theology of the Orthodox Church has been captivated by Western influences, which is partially mirrored 'in the contemporary pietistic movement in Greece, in the introduction of the New Calendar, as well as in the hasty way of the preparation of the eventual Great Council, against the convention of which the author adduces several weighty arguments.





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