Prof. George Mantzarides

St. Gregory Palamas as teacher of Orthodoxy

translated by: Archimandrite Amfilohije Radović

pages: 247-253


Father Amphilohios (Radovich) translated this article from Greek into Serbian because Prof. Mantzarides' paper on St. Gregory Palamas represents an exposition of St. Palamas' significance for the Orthodox theology and Church in Byzantine epoch as well as today. The author underlines the proper understanding of hesyc- hasm, which is the Orthodox way of reaching, through the uncreated grace, the real communion with God, contrary to the Western erroneous understanding of the Palamite mysticism.

In conclusion the author stresses the need and fitness of the practice of Palamite »hesychia« (inward silence) for men of our age of technocracy. The practice of hesychasm would open the way to the genuine spiritual life for those who have strength to persevere.





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