Hieromonk Amphilohios (Radovich)

Inter-Orthodox theological symposion in Thessaloniki

pages: 225-246


As a participant at this Symposion Ft. Amphilohios describes first of all the theological aspect of this meeting of the representatives of all theological schools of the Orthodox world. The main theme was »Tradition in the Orthodox Church and Challenges of the Contemporary World«. The author evaluates all the reports presented there, as well as the discussions which followed. He got the impression that some participants understood the manifoldness and polyvalence of the holy Tradition for the Church of all times, .as well as for today, whereas some others, in spite of formal acceptation of the Holy Tradition, do not clearly realize its irreplaceable value, as well as its essential unchangeability.

The theme of the future Great Council, as well as the theme of progress and adaptation of the Church to the contemporary world provoked vivid discussions. The author indicated that a few wellnargumented papers had been presented together with some which were less profound.

Finally, the participants took into consideration the problem of the relationship between the Ortodox Church and Ecumenism, as well as the problem of the Orthodox liturgical life. Here also it was obvious that there were two opposite views among the participating professors.

The author concludes by calling attention to the need of such theological meetings in the world Orthodoxy, but warning also that they should be liberated from rationalistic Western influences, so that they may bring about more profound recollection and renewal of the Patristic way of theologizing.





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