Dimitrije Kalezić

Some elements of Christian morals in Serbian epic poetry

pages: 112-126


The subject which is being treated by the author is rather wide — folk poetry, but at the very beginning of his article he reduces such a vast field upon the epic poetical expression. He holds the viewpoint that our people have deeply understood and encorporated 'the Christian morals, living in accord with it, and that therefore its elements could be found in many of our folk poems. There are also in those poems some elements that do not keep up with the gospel ethics. For that reason, in author’s opinion, one cannot derive a whole Christian ethic system from the Serbian folk poems, and not an antichristian system either; there are elements from either, and the article does not insist on discovering of Christian motives and elements and their evaluation. Some qualities have been ennume- rated characterizing ouru man and painting his spiritual-moral physiognomy; all these qualities have been illustrated by some chosen examples from the rich treasury of the Serbian epic poetry.





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