Dr. Nedelko Kangrga

The ways of cognition

pages: 102-111


The true religion and the true science are to be complementary. Without knowledge of God there is no complete truth.

Christ is the truth and through Him we come to know about God by faith. In this way we succeed to understand the relation between the spirit an the matter. So we comprehend the nature as the work of God, which is also maintained by Him. Due to His absolute will and laws He gave to it, the energy, the matter and the life are existing. Due to thoughtfulness of these laws the evolution of the visible world is possible. The matter is not self-existent.

We know it through our senses only by means of energy. The objective reality reflects itself exactly in our consciousness and the construction of our nervous system corresponds to the constitution of our isoul. Nevertheless, the mode of the transition from material plan to the spiritual one is unknown to us. Our soul is the image of God. The comprehension of ourselves and the knowledge of God is the main reach of congnition. Moreover, the knowledge of God and of Lord Jesus Christ is the life eternal.





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