Prof. Peter Rosh

At the ordination of a new priest

pages: 88-92


The author who is a scientist meditates upon the mystery of man and his consiousness. The latter is still enexplored and undefined. However, it is known that there are three layers in consciousness, which are qualitatively different from each other: bio-psychic consciousness, bio-social consciousness and spiritual consciousness.

Envisaging the large and complicated problem of priesthood, the author touches five aspects of it:

I. Priesthood as calling — different from all other professions.

II. Nature of priesthood — becoming an instrument of God in realization of spiritual energy in the world and man.

III. Task of priestly vocation in relation to the priest himself — to become aware of his own service, duties, circumstances and capacities. Permanent learning.

IV. Basic function of priestly vocation in relation to others — to pour blessings upon men in order that they may become bearers of light uncreated and divine energies in this world.

V. Meaning of the priestly title „Reverend Father” — that reminds that he is respected by men, because of grace abiding upon him and because he really is a spiritual father, who bears spiritually conscious numan beings.





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