Bishop Stephan of Dalmatia

Doubt concerning religion among teenagers

pages: 84-87


Since the children inherit their religion from their parents, when they grow up to be teenagers, they naturally start verifying the inherited faith. They question the very sources of their belief uncritically accepted. In order to assert their,, maturity” they reject everything that reminds them of their childhood.

Doubt may arise from conflicts between old and new notions of moral values. Sometimes doubt results from the unfulfilled desire expressed in paryer, an dsometimes doubt comes from the direct influence of the atheists. This youthful doubting should not be taken too tragically. It may lead to a mature personal faith. Even St. Thomas' doubt concerning Christ’s resurrection is a proof of his strong yearning for the confirmation of his vacillating faith. Doubt of pharisees has a dissolving character. Tley are constantly searching new arguments for their belief. The pharisees have been ring-leaders of all the sceptics and relativists up to our days.

Doubt of the teenagers fows out of young and pure hearts, which are yearning after God and His justice. This doubt is simular to that of St. Thomas'. All the teachers of religion should keep this in mind. They have to introduce them to a personal encounter with the personal God. To serve God means to serve God's will, it means to „liturgize” everywhere and troughout the whole life.





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