Basilea Schlink

Repentance — commandment of this moment

pages: 23-26


Penitence should begin with the conversion of God's Israel, i.e. of each Church's congregation. Many signs indicate that we enter the end of times: horrid atomic wars, earthquakes, famines, polution of nature. All these signs ought to be an 'inviation to repentance, like the trumpets of the angels in the Book of Revalation. Christ wishes that his followers escape the wrath of God. We should start with the individual repentance, so that the whole communifty may be converted and ready for the Second Coming of the Lord, Who is coming as the Bridegroom of His Church. The worst of all things would be to disappoint the Lamb of God and to provoke His wrath. Without sanctification no one will see the Lord. The call to repentance is God's way of speaking to men of the last days. Blessed are all those who listen to that call and respond with repentance, because they will be worthy to enter the wedding chamber of the Lamb.





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