Ivan Petrović

The Romanian Orthodox Church and its contemporary theology

pages: 17-22


Since the Romanian nation passed through the First and Second World Wars without great losses in population, the Romanian Orthodox Church (which coincides with Romanian nation) could peacefully promote its spiritual mission. The theological faculties of Chernovitz and Bucarest reached the high level of recognition in the whole Orthodox world. The only orthodox nation from the Latin stock, Romania shows evident signs of the innate latin sense for good organization. The Romanian Orthodox hierarchy fit into the new situation smoothly, so that nowadays the Romanian Church seems to be the best organized among the Orthodox sister Churches. The theological academies and seminaries are adapting their methods to the new needs of the preparation for the priesthood. The signal for this adaptation was given by the Patriarch Justinian himself. All the curricula of the theological schools were updated and the manuals for all theological subjects were rewritten by the best theologians.

The best sign of the genuine renewal of the Romanian Orthodoxy is the obvious return to the patristic sources of the perennial theology. The leading theologians of Romania participate also in the ecumenical movement.





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